Steve Burke writes “As a kid growing up I was always interested in the mechanics of how things work, building things, repairing broken objects and of course cars. Underlying this was a fascination with sailing. I followed my heart to the mechanics of the internal combustion engine. By my early twenties I had earned a license in auto repair and maintenance from SAAB International. I was offered work as an apprentice machinist at a small R+D firm locally to begin my second career. For several years I gained experience and comfort working on interesting equipment, shaping and experimenting with a wide variety of materials. By the late ‘70s I had owned and restored several large classic wood boats and with the rise of windsurfing, became interested in alternative, experimental sailing craft including land and ice boats. I designed and marketed a “personal sized” land and ice sailboard using cutting edge materials like carbon fiber and moldable fiberglass and epoxy resins. During this time I also began a home construction company specializing in restoration, additions and cabinetry. The inner satisfaction of creating with wood has provided me with decades of rewards. Using my expertise in mechanics, machining, design and woodworking I have now turned to teaching to share my experience with students who have similar interests to those I had as a child.”

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