Agata Lipnicka-Tria

WOW! Welcomes Agata Tria to our WOW! HES programs! Agata is an accomplished and award-winning artist, exhibiting her soft pastels in the United States as well as Europe. Her style is mostly minimalistic nature portraits emphasizing color and composition. She loves to create in all kinds of mediums from acrylic/oils and pastels to glass, resins and wood. She has been interested in art since childhood and loved to make toys: stuffed animals, dolls, toy cars, blocks, and mechanical figurines. Agata has a very active life as a wife/mother/artist residing in Weston with her family and assorted pets (she’s also an animal lover!).

CodeCourse TitleStart DateFinish dateLocationPrice*
DMMSpring2024WESTON Drawing Mixed Media Fridays Spring 2024 Grades K-2  NewApr 26, 2024May 31, 2024Registration through Weston Youth Services USD
AdvDMMSpring2024WESTON Advanced Drawing Mixed Media Tuesdays Spring 2024 Grade 3-5  NewApr 23, 2024May 28, 2024Registration through Weston Youth Services USD
*VAT incl.

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